Trooper Tamar Bucci Memorial Ribbon

About the Trooper Tamar Bucci Memorial Fund

Late in the night on March 3, 2022, Massachusetts State Trooper, Tamar Bucci, was attempting to assist a disabled motor vehicle when her patrol SUV was struck by a tractor trailer. Tamar had just turned 34 the day before her life was taken.  

In the aftermath of Tamar’s passing, she became a unifying symbol for law enforcement officers, first responders, and civilians alike. But, to her friends and family, Tamar was so much more than that. She was a stunningly beautiful, magnetic, quick-witted, incredibly special person who was taken away suddenly and without warning.

So, why did Tamar choose this path of service?  Perhaps, Colonel Christopher Mason, the head of MSP, said it best when he said:

Tamar was exactly the type of Trooper that we needed for these times; A Trooper who had a calling to protect the vulnerable; A Trooper who had a passion to make a difference; a Trooper who had a genuine desire to serve others.”

Trooper Tamar Bucci Badge Number 4440

To honor Tamar’s life and the incredibly rare spark in her soul that led her to pursue law enforcement, her family has established the Trooper Tamar Bucci Memorial Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to create opportunities that help children and young adults acquire the confidence needed to pursue their dreams.

All proceeds from the Trooper Tamar Bucci Memorial Fund will go towards bolstering those who possess the same rare spark that drove Tamar to choose a career in law enforcement, thereby ensuring that a part of her spirit will live on, in the service of others, for years to come.

You can read and share reflections for Tamar on her Officer Down Memorial Page.

Tamar told her sisters that the day she graduated from the Academy was the proudest day of her life. She felt a calling to be a police officer and when Tamar was passionate about something, she was all in.